I’m Luke Walker.

My racing career started in 2007 just after my 12th birthday, when we brought my first go-kart. I raced go-karts for four years. In 2012 I was ranked second in the state in the Junior Clubman category. We made our way into speedway via Wingless Sprintcars, During the two and a bit seasons I raced in the wingless, we were very competitive. This was enough to catch the eye of Johnny Vogels, and he offered me a sponsored drive in his second car for a season, so I could get my foot in the door of 410 Sprintcars.

When you consider the fact that a Sprintcar has better power to weight ratio than both a V8 Supercar and a Formula 1 car, you can understand why that season was a real eye opener.

However we had a rather successful season with some really good results and also claimed the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award. Now going into our third season of sprintcar racing the team and myself are well refined and working well together and hoping for more great results.

With approximately 30 races planned for the season we will be covering lots of kilometers all over Victoria and even some inter-state. People everywhere will be seeing our major sponsor’s names on the transporter to and from the tracks, plus the many speedway fans at the track.

410 Sprintcars are the pinnacle of speedway in Australia and draw very large crowds, this year the Classic had over 23,000 spectators.

We hope to see you at a track soon!

~Luke Walker